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Our Forever Free Mailbox is absolutely free and provides you a valid US address that you can use to receive merchandise and parcels. All you pay for is the shipping charges for your packages, at a discount of 40-50% off the retail rate.

We also offer several paid subscription plans that provide even greater discounts on shipping as well as additional services. Our Premium Mailbox plan is $10 per month (or $60/year) and it offers a 60-70% discount to retail shipping rates as well as the ability to use our Shop4Me personal shopping service. Our Premium Plus Mailbox plan is $25/mo (or $250/year) and it offers all the great services of our Premium Mailbox plus the additional capability to receive mail (letters, magazines, etc).

Of Course! That is exactly what Ship2Me is set up for. Provided you have a valid account with us, we will receive packages sent to your Ship2Me address from any shipping company. This is great for shopping online at US retailers, purchasing items on Ebay, or having your US friends/family send you packages.

Your Ship2Me address will be a valid US street address. It will not be a P.O. Box. Your box will allow you to receive mail Monday-Friday from any carrier who delivers to addresses in the United States. Please note that a Form 1583 is required to receive deliveries from the US Postal Service, and a Premium account is required to receive letter mail and magazines delivered by US Postal Service.

The process is very simple. Just click here and complete the form. Once we receive your registration information, we will provide you with a detailed email containing your new US address as well as information about how to use our free online customer portal. Your mailbox is activated immediately and you can use it right away as your address to have merchandise and packages sent to us on your behalf.

While we do not require a credit card to sign up to our Forever Free maibox service plan, we do require valid payment information prior to forwarding your packages. Also, please note that the Forever Free and Plus maibox plans are for merchandise and parcels only. A Premium mailbox plan is required if you want to receive letter mail and magazines through the US Postal Service.

We do require our customers to verify their identification. We provide an easy process to upload a scanned copy of your ID, or you can simply email, mail or fax a copy of it. We maintain all customer records with the utmost confidentiality, but we believe in knowing our customers and ensuring our services are used only for legitimate purposes.

The only other form that we may need is the US Postal Service Form 1583. This is required by the US Postal Service in order for them to deliver your mail or packages to us. If you are expecting to receive only parcels shipped by UPS, Fedex or DHL there is no requirement to complete Form 1583. However, if you want to receive parcels or mail from the US Postal Service, you will need to send us a completed Form 1583 so we can act as your mail agent.

Simple. Just use your Ship2Me-provided mailing address as the shipping address when you purchase items from any US retailer. Many US retailers offer free shipping of their items to US addresses, especially for purchases over a certain amount. Please ensure that the name you use to purchase the merchandise is the same name as one of the individuals registered on your account.

We strongly suggest that you add your Ship2Me-provided address as a secondary address on your credit card account. This will ensure that the credit card you use accepts the "ship to" address of your new address without causing unecessary glitches in your payment process.

With every account, we allow up to three (3) additional individuals to be registered to receive mail at your mailbox for no additional charge. You will be prompted during the registration process to list these individuals, or you may add/change them later through our online customer portal. While we will receive mail addressed to any of these individuals, we will forward all packages to the account holder at the shipping address we have listed for your account.

We require a completed Form 1583 and two forms of identification from these individuals in order to receive mail or packages delivered by the US Postal Service.

We receive daily shipments from all the major carriers. Upon receipt of your shipment, we will immediately check your package into our warehouse database. This will provide you immediate visibility over your package through our online customer portal. If you are a Forever Free customer or if you have set your account preferences to "ship immediately," then your package will be shipped to your account address as soon as possible. Depending on the time of day we receive your package, your parcel is shipped out either the same business day or the very next business day.

For Premium and Premium Plus customers, we offer a package consolidation service. When purchasing several items from different retailers, we are able to consolidate all of these packages and ship them to you using the most cost-effective packaging. This can offer significant savings! For example, five 2-lb packages to Australia would have a discounted cost of $43 each ($96 retail cost each) for a total of $215. However, bundled as one 10-lb package, the total discounted cost to ship would be $89.

No problem. Just sign into your online account and let us know that you want the packages held until they all arrive. When we receive all the packages you specify, we will consolidate them into the most cost-effective package and immediately ship to you. Package consolidation offers a way to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your shipping costs.

All of our customers receive 24/7 access to our online customer portal. This secure online database provides complete visibility over all of your packages we have in our warehouse, as well as the ability to inform us of incoming packages and to review your shipment history. You will receive your unique username and password upon being assigned a mailbox by Ship2Me.

Unless you instruct us to hold your packages for consolidation, we will ship your package the next business day after receiving it (and sometimes the very same day we receive it). Our standard delivery method is UPS World Expedited with normal delivery times of 2-5 days to over 200 countries. We will provide you a tracking number for each package - allowing you complete visibility of the location of the package at all times while in transit.

The shipping weight is calculated as the higher of either the actual weight (in pounds) or the dimensional weight.

The actual weight is just that - the weight of the box on a scale. Most websites allow you to calculate the weight of the box during the shopping cart process prior to actually purchasing an item. You can also get a rough estimation based on the specifications of the item, and factoring the weight of the box and packaging materials.

Dimensional weight (often referred to as DIMS weight) is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the box in inches (Height x Weight x Depth) and dividing by 139. For parcels that are especially large, but weigh relatively little, this can be a significant difference from the actual weight.

Whichever weight is greater will be used to determine the shipping charges.

We use the DHL as our primary carrier. They are the global market leader in the logistics industry and ship to more then 200 countries. Additionally, because of their size and capabilities, DHL is offers paperless customs clearance - allowing for a very streamlined process for most packages to be delivered to you. In addition to acting as the shipper, DHL will also serve as the customs broker for you as well - using their network and experience to ensure your package arrives smoothly.

As for our price, our partnership with DHL provides significant volume discounts and we are able to pass these on to our customers. You will find that our rates are up to a 70% discount to the retail rate you would pay if you tried to ship your packages yourself.

The Ship2Me shipping rates are for delivery using DHL. There may be additional import fees or duty for specific merchandise according to your country's specific laws and regulations, as well as fees charged for customs clearance (either by UPS or by your local customs broker). These fees vary by country and are not covered by Ship2Me. Please contact your local customs office or DHL representative for more information on duties and import fees.

Check the DHL Country Information site for specific information about shipping to your country. This site offers detailed information regarding the customs process, import duties, restricted items and other information you will find useful.

We maintain your preferred method of payment and we charge you the appropriate shipping charge upon shipping your item(s). We offer several methods of payment to meet your needs, to include international credit card and Paypal. You will receive a detailed invoice from Ship2Me prior to shipping, as well as a confirmation email that your package has shipped.

You must maintain a valid means of payment on record with us, or there will be significant delay in forwarding the contents of your mailbox. If you have specific payment requirements (ie, you don't have a credit card, etc) please contact us directly and we can provide alternative payment methods to fit your needs. We work with clients throughout all parts of the world, so chances are we have a payment solution for you.